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Going beyond your comfort zone

As a coach and Professional Supervisor I’m often asking people to explore where they’re comfortable and then support them in going beyond their comfort zone.  Some of my favourite and most rewarding work comes from taking my clients through values lead action towards the person that they most want to be.

Helping people to choose the way in which they wish to show up both professional and personally. 

I see the struggle, the fear, the challenge in my clients all the time.  But I also see the rewards, the breakthrough, the pride (both mine and theirs) when one small step is taken toward a values lead life.

Intellectually I can take that proven framework and years of experience and apply those principals to myself when choosing how I want to show up professionally…right?  

For me, my work is powerful and meaningful and incredibly enriching.   However, imagine what it could be if I could simply get over my mortal fear of speaking to groups.  Public speaking yes, but I also mean a group as small as 6-8 people.  

“Wow, really”? I hear you say.  

“I would never have known” is something that I hear often.  

And this matters.

It matters because it limits how I want to show up.

It matters because it limits the work that I participate in.

It matters because it bothers me that I haven’t mastered my fears like all the self-improvement quotes say.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

Jack Canfield

If I am going to live my values and be the person that I most want to be then my challenge lies in my ability to acknowledge this fear. To make room for my own discomfort. To let it sit there without me trying to ignore it or dismiss it. To simply notice it’s presence, how I feel, and my internal chatter. Then I have the option of choosing what I do next –  to move towards the person that I want to be or not. 

Each of us have an opportunity to change the Narrative.  

In this moment, I decide that I will take that step, and then another and another.

I may never become a masterful public speaker but I have the opportunity to show up in a way that nurtures my soul and aligns with my values.  

I have the opportunity to move towards who I want to be as a person. 

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