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Providing one to one support for your Professional growth and learning.  Think of me as your 'Thinking partner'.  View the sections above for some ideas of how I can help you further your professional growth.

Professional supervision and business coach for Nelson NZ

Gina has this wonderful ability to hold you in a safe, non-judgemental space while watching you wriggle and squirm to a place of learning.  She is tough – but I can’t wait for my next session!

-MM Electrician

“I worked with Gina for 6 months, both myself and my team have seen a positive change in the way that we communicate. Gina was able to understand my issues and provide me with the skills to lead change” – MM, Team leader

“Having someone to talk to who could help me reflect on my leadership and plan a way forward with some of the challenges I faced was hugely beneficial. Gina has a very natural ability to help people unravel an issue, break down the core components and then package it back up as a planned course of action.”

“Your approach, understanding and ability to communicate with me is precisely what I have needed. You interpret what I am saying very well and I appreciate your considerate process, I feel almost capable when I am working with you.”

SC- Business Owner

“As a small business owner I have at times lacked support and I really get this from Gina. Gina is extremely passionate in her desire to see me do well and I have feel well supported, both personally and professionally. I know she will help me to create amazing success in both my business and personally.”

SN- Business Owner

“Gina is an engaging speaker and very inspiring. Her workshop content was well researched, specific to the participants and very informative. She is a valued member of any business group.”

– Sarah Holmes, Manager, Nelson Tasman Business Trust

“I really like working with Gina for her enthusiasm, willingness to try new ideas. She holds a special interest in helping small business owners.”

– Business Mentor

“Gina is lovely! So motivational. She’s given me direction and focus and also confidence I’m on the right track.”

– RL Business owner

“Burn-out is something other people experience.  I had no idea that’s what I was going through or how it was affecting my productivity and ultimately my business. Gina was a god send, she got me moving again quickly and together we were able to meet some very significant deadlines”.

– Business owner

“My boss tells me that he can really notice the difference since Gina and I have been working together.  Apparently, my approach is much more ‘considered’.  Personally, I have found the new skills handy in lots of areas, not just work.” 

– Technician / middle management

    Critical thinking is needed now more than ever

    We seem to be so polarised as people at present. Even before COVID-19 disrupted our lives, and unfortunately, this is starting to show up in the workplace.  When does a strong political view or ideology become too much?  Too much focus, too much rumination, invoking too many feelings, and sadly too little mental and emotional flexibility.

    Has your Narrative become too much?

    Regardless of whether you lean to the left or the right, Believe that Global warming is real, Support Black lives matter, the Me too movement or any other disadvantaged communities.

    When our thoughts become too strong, affecting our ability to think with flexibility, then we need to take a step back.

    I remember just a few years ago, a popular saying…

    “You do you and I’ll do me”.

    However, this seems to have developed into;

    “I’ll do me and you do you – except that you are doing you wrong”.

    With all of the polarisation in the world at present, we are consumed by emotion, leaving us mentally and emotionally inflexible to the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs of others.

    Listening to someone’s point of view and then dismissing it or even worse, ridiculing that person because it doesn’t fit with your Narrative is not remaining true to your cause.  In my view, that unwillingness to hear another perspective, to ask questions, or to consider a different narrative is a dangerous place to dwell.

    So, I invite you to join me.  Come stand in the centre with me.  Not left, not right.  Come listen with your critical thinking brain.  Come with your values and your beliefs but also come with a desire to understand, and to find common ground.

    Try asking:

    1. Have you considered the following
    2. What are the implications…
    3. Explain to me how you think that might work?
    4. What expectations do you have?

    Come stand in the centre with me… if only for small moments at a time…Listen, consider, understand and most importantly, respect someone else view.   

    There is no right or wrong, there are only differences in perspective. 

    Drop me a line if this resonates with you or if you have any comments or questions. Email click HERE.

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