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Providing one to one support for your Professional growth and learning.  Think of me as your 'Thinking partner'.  View the sections below for some ideas of how I can help you further.

Professional supervision and business coach for Nelson NZ

“I worked with Gina for 6 months, both myself and my team have seen a positive change in the way that we communicate. Gina was able to understand my issues and provide me with the skills to lead change” - MM, Team leader

“Having someone to talk to who could help me reflect on my leadership and plan a way forward with some of the challenges I faced was hugely beneficial. Gina has a very natural ability to help people unravel an issue, break down the core components and then package it back up as a planned course of action.”

“Your approach, understanding and ability to communicate with me is precisely what I have needed. You interpret what I am saying very well and I appreciate your considerate process, I feel almost capable when I am working with you.”

SC- Business Owner

"As a small business owner I have at times lacked support and I really get this from Gina. Gina is extremely passionate in her desire to see me do well and I have feel well supported, both personally and professionally. I know she will help me to create amazing success in both my business and personally.”

SN- Business Owner

"Gina is an engaging speaker and very inspiring. Her workshop content was well researched, specific to the participants and very informative. She is a valued member of any business group."

– Sarah Holmes, Manager, Nelson Tasman Business Trust

"I really like working with Gina for her enthusiasm, willingness to try new ideas. She holds a special interest in helping small business owners."

– Business Mentor

"Gina is lovely! So motivational. She’s given me direction and focus and also confidence I’m on the right track."

– RL Business owner

“Burn-out is something other people experience.  I had no idea that’s what I was going through or how it was affecting my productivity and ultimately my business. Gina was a god send, she got me moving again quickly and together we were able to meet some very significant deadlines”.

– Business owner

"My boss tells me that he can really notice the difference since Gina and I have been working together.  Apparently, my approach is much more ‘considered’.  Personally, I have found the new skills handy in lots of areas, not just work.” 

- Technician / middle management

Find out how you can increase your focus, engagement, and productivity;  Enabling you to thrive at work.

Take time out from your busy life and let me help you to feel strong, confident and in control of your professional role.  Think of me as your confidential sounding board, An opportunity to pull apart a problem and find a workable solution.

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Supervision encompasses three key areas within the workplace.

  • The Administrative function – This looks at your accountability around company policies, protocols, ethics and standards within your work environment.
    • Workload  management / Time management
    • Performance delivery / Skills development
    • Effective communication
    • Conflict resolution
  • The Educative function – Your ongoing professional skill development
    • Identifying skills, personal drivers, and goals
    • Authenticity at work
    • Barriers to professional growth
  • The Supportive function – Tends to the more personal relationship, ensuring that you are supported in areas such as;
    • Emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, and relationships with others)
    • Feelings of stress, Anxiety, low-mood or anger at work
    • Assertiveness / Self-confidence

We talk a lot about physical Health & Safety in the business sector, however, there is a gap in how we support emotional and mental wellbeing at work. The reality is 1 in 5 New Zealanders will experience a mental illness this year and often work-related stresses can be eliminated through regular Supervision… Think of me as a confidential sounding board; an opportunity to pull apart a problem and find a workable solution.  Through reflection comes learning and growth.

My approach is reflective in nature with an added focus on a solution or strength-based practice.  What that means in real terms is that I listen… A lot… and I ask plenty of questions so I can understand the ‘why’.   More often than not this process also provides us with the solution.

I am known to be a very practical, solutions-focused person with the necessary knowledge to offer specific business advice when wanted. I’m told that I have a bubbly and lighthearted nature but I may challenge your mindset and daily work practice, as we explore how you interact with others.  I hope that you would find my approach relaxed and enriching, but not always ‘easy’.

Employers or Leaders at Work

If you are a leader, there is a wonderful opportunity to provide the right level of support for your people.

look in mirrorA recent Harvard Business Review study found that happy employees have;

  • On average, 31% higher productivity
  • Their sales are 37% higher
  • And their creativity is 3x higher

Conversely mentally unwell employees showed significantly;

  • Higher levels of sick leave
  • Injuries
  • Workplace conflict
  • And personal grievance

The opportunity to increase workplace well-being while also increasing productivity seems almost too good to be true yet the statistics can’t be denied.

Providing inter-professional supervision, I offer an obligation free initial consultation so we both feel comfortable that we can work together. Supervision can be carried out in person, over the phone or via Skype. I look forward to hearing from you when you feel ready for better workplace performance.

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