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As suggested on the front page, Professional Supervision provides an ongoing one-to-one confidential and trusted space for you to explore your professional world and how you interact within it.
Supervision supports growth and learning, creates greater awareness, understanding and maturity of practice.

“Through the Supervision relationship, we reflect upon organisational expectation, adhere to professional body code of conduct and strengthen workplace practice.”

Professional Supervision is all about you setting the agenda so we work on whatever it is that you want to work on in that particular session.  That being said,  Professional Supervision encompasses three key areas within the workplace.

The Administrative function

Professional supervision is about inspiring you as a professional to step up and be the best possible version of yourself.  It is about accountability to your professional identity, your professional body, and your business or organisation. So within the supervision conversation, we look at your accountability around company policies, protocols, ethics and standards within your work environment.

    • Examining your professional duties and performance deliverables
    • Conflicts of interest you may have
    • Conflicts between personal values and organisational responsibilities
    • Accountability and the wider responsibilities of your profession

The Educative function

The second element of supervision is about generating learning or unlearning.  J Christenson once said, “If we cannot question the way we are doing things and thinking things at present, it will not occur to us that they could be thought of or done differently”. 

Often we get so caught up in the ‘doing’ that we forget to stop and consider a broader perspective.   Supervision gives you time to step back and reflect on the way you think in order to explore any prejudices or assumptions that you could be making; so that you can be more effective within your Profession. 

Your ongoing professional development

    • Identifying skills for further development
    • Exploring personal values, and your professional identity
    • Effective communication – how to manage difficult conversations
    • Authenticity at work
    • Barriers to professional growth

The Supportive function

Tends to the more personal relationship, ensuring that you are supported in areas such as;

    • Emotional intelligence (effectively recognising and managing personal responses – yours and others
    • Workload management – how to manage in times of high workload and high demands
    • How to thrive with feelings of stress, anxiety, low-mood or anger at work
    • Assertiveness / Self-confidence

We talk a lot about physical Health & Safety however, there is a gap in how we support emotional and mental wellbeing.

1 in 5 New Zealanders will experience a mental illness this year and often work-related stresses can be eliminated through regular Professional Supervision.”

Think of me as a confidential sounding board. Our time together provides an opportunity to pull apart a situation and find a workable solution; enabling you to work with clarity, focus, and confidence.

I offer an obligation free initial consultation so we both feel comfortable that we can work together. Professional Supervision with me can be carried out in person or via Zoom or Skype.

Group Supervision

If you have a group of peers within your professional field that would like to gather for the purpose of harnessing the collective wisdom then I would be happy to facilitate that conversation. Group supervision provides a cost effective, collective and supportive approach in a small group setting – while being facilitated by the experience of a Professional Supervisor.  If you would like to explore this option further, please feel free to make contact.  |  +64 22 600 3658  |  Skype: ginamunro

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