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Professional Supervisor, Senior Coach and Mentor

Before we start working together, I’m sure that you would like to know a little more about me.

I am an independent, Inter-professional Supervisor which simply means that I am self-employed and work across a number of different sectors with many different people and professions. I feel this provides me a unique depth of experience and curiosity that supports my clients with their professional growth. It also means that I have the privilege of meeting vast amounts of people and get to learn about the intricacies of their world.

Professional Supervision – Currently I hold a Post Graduate qualification (NMIT) along with my Professional Supervision (ESIA) and Senior Coach (EIA) qualifications with the European Mentoring and Coaching council (EMCC) . In addition I am a founding member of the Asian Pacific Region and currently serve on the global accreditation team – assisting other Supervisors to strengthen their practice on their Supervision journey.

I have been a registered Business Mentor (BMNZ) for a number of years and am Genos Certified to teach Emotional Intelligence.   Some of the other tools proving to be useful are Acceptance Commitment Therapy ACT and Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) which I bring in and out of sessions as required.

This sits beside my 20 + yrs of business ownership and combined, provide some pretty diverse skills when helping people with workplace performance.

In addition, I have been privileged to have travelled extensively while raising two beautiful children.  I maintain a mindfulness practice which I like to weave into my work when possible. I like to think these multi-faceted skills and knowledge provide a blend of pragmatic experience with a holistic approach when supporting others.

I have discovered that it is more beneficial to my clients if I support a number of different frameworks rather than a one model fits all approach.  Therefore, I tend to move between reflective, solutions focus and strength-based practice according to my client’s personalities, their learning preferences, and the situation we are working on at that moment.

I am known to be a very practical, solutions-focused person with the necessary knowledge to offer specific business advice when wanted. I’m told that I have a bubbly and lighthearted nature but my Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills may challenge your mindset and daily work practice, as we explore you and how you interact with others.

Certainly, I hope that you would find my approach relaxed and enriching, but not always easy.

I look forward to meeting you!

– Gina

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