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Cultivating healthy distance between your thoughts and you

Culturally we view negative thoughts as bad, something to get rid of – as if there is something wrong with us when we having such thoughts. You only need to look at all the self-help books out there suggesting that we can and should be thinking less negatively and more positively. 

You may be surprised then to discover that In contrast, many modern psychological theories emphasise that trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings is a waste of energy, and often counterproductive. 

It seems that having unwanted thoughts, feelings, and urges, is not really the problem. Rather, it’s all about how we relate or respond to them when they show up that’s significant.  

Modern thought suggests rather than trying to reduce, avoid, or change our negative thought content, instead, we are looking to reduce the effect of this unhelpful influence over our behaviour

By us Relating skilfully to unhelpful thoughts we can;

  • Become more aware of our unhelpful mind chatter 
  • Learn to defuse unhelpful thoughts 
  • Cultivate healthy ‘distance’ between thought (our brain) and thinker (us).

It’s often the everyday stuff that has a subtle influence on our actions, making these techniques a positive tool for change in everyday situations. 

Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT) is an evidence-based approach providing knowledge and skills to cultivate flexible behaviour, effectiveness, and well-being within the workplace setting. 

By becoming more aware of the qualities that you most want to express in your daily behaviour you will be able to relate more skilfully to difficult or unhelpful thoughts and feelings. 

Bring science, health and the business sector together.

If you would like to know more about how this evidence based approach has been adapted as an effective tool within the workplace, please make contact.  I am contemplating facilitating a 4 session workshop (online) – more details to following. 

Drop me a line if this resonates with you or if you have any comments or questions. Email click HERE

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