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Professional Development - knowing your professional identity

Who are you Professionally?  Do you know?

Often we go to work each day without a thought towards our professional development. We don’t consider how we are perceived by others, or how we manage ourselves, our day or our daily interactions with any degree of consistency.   Do you know your professional identity?

I can’t tell you how much I love working with individuals on issues that affect workplace performance.  Not the obvious things… but the little detail that makes a real difference to how you ‘show up’ professionally… Your Professional Development 

Tailored to your area of learning, our time together is specific, insightful and will change the way you think forever!

Professional Development is such a personal thing so it makes sense that people bring different things to our time together.  Here are some of the generic areas where you could expect change:

  • Self-management (workload, time, behavior, focus)
  • How to thrive at work
  • Effective communication (including how to have tough conversations)
  • Learn how to read situations and people better
  • Identifying skills, personal values, and goals
  • Authenticity – How to be ‘you’ at work
  • Barriers to professional growth
  • Emotional intelligence (for better productivity and engagement)
  • Tools to deal with feelings of stress, burnout, low-mood or anger
  • Assertiveness / Self-confidence

I’m all about striving to help people feel strong, capable and in control in their professional role. Your Professional Development is a lifelong process, therefore our work together is an on-going relationship where you get to ‘check in’ to a one-to-one trusted, confidential and professional relationship, where together we reflect, learn, change and grow. 

I am known to be a very practical, solution-focused person, with a bubbly and lighthearted nature but I also like to know the ‘why’.  I hope that you would find my approach relaxed and enriching, our work together is not always ‘easy’.

Like I said…this is the work that gets me out of bed in the morning so I would love to hear from you.  Let’s chat about what you would like to work on and see if we are a good fit.  I offer a free, no obligation first meeting either in person or via Skype.  So why not contact me for more information about your professional development so we can get started together.  I’ll leave you with this question…who are you professionally and who do you want to be? How do you intend to show up?

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