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Current events force us to re-examine our relationship to change

Who would have imagined 66 days ago, when we celebrated New Year 2020, that our world could change so dramatically and so quickly.

As a Professional Supervisor, Coach and Mentor, I believe myself to be naturally curious.  Intrigued by humanity, by the diversity of our beliefs, behaviours, attitudes, and actions.  It is in times such as these when we see all of these things amplified; more real.

Current events force us to re-examine our relationship to change;

Do I hold it in fear or in awe? 

Do I react or respond?  

Adapt or not? 

Do I see change as an opportunity or a threat? 

The choice is mine to make.

What happens next, and how we respond reflects on us as leaders, individuals and as humans.  Now is the time to remember who we really are, to find our humanity, to be optimistic because – to paraphrase Winston Churchill – it seems of little use to be otherwise.

The impact is beyond commercial.  It is real, emotional, psychological, and its definitely personal.

So I encourage you to reflect on your personal response to change.  Are you currently acting in a way that reflects who you would like to be?  How do you wish to respond to this changing environment?  What is your relationship to change?

Perhaps you could consider how you plan to;

practice “social distancing” without being distant.  

“Self-isolate” without creating isolation.  

Heed the warning bells without being alarmist.

Slow down. Think. Respond.

Let’s stick together and pop out the other side proud of how we responded. 

Go well.

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